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Finn waves his sword around as he fights lots of dog monsters. Jake, who was grown to a very tall height was seen kicking and stamping on the dogs. The dogs came from a witch who was cackling in the background. She planned to spread the dogs out into the wilds to bite other dogs and wolves to spread a rabid like plague that will send dogs crazy and to attack towns and kingdoms. Finn was here to put a stop to it. He had been adventuring for a few years now and he didn't plan to spend his fifteenth birthday out here in the woods fighting a pack of dogs.

"Finn watch out!" Jake shouted. Finn looked up to see that a cauldron was heading his way. He rolled to the side and swung his sword through two more dogs, instantly turning to ash.

"Be careful Jake! Don't get bitten!" Finn called back to him.

"Oh don't worry! I ain't getting no rabies!" Jake called back. Finn and Jake together managed to finish the pack of wolves off. The two approached the witch who began to cower in fear.

"EEK! I didn't know you were that strong! Here take anything you want! I don't need it! I'll stop making the wolf plague! PLEASE! don't hurt me!" The witch pathetically cried as she began tossing things out of her bag to Finn in hope to bribe her freedom.

"We've fought the Ice King for glob knows how long but this is pathetic," Jake commented.

"I honestly thought this witch would be more...I dunno... scary, evil...have more of a back bone," Finn then discussed with Jake. As the two of them talked about how they thought this witch was meant to be like she took this opportunity to toss a smoke bomb onto the ground and cackle loudly. Both Finn and Jake gasped at the sudden disappearance but frowned when the smoke cleared and they could see the witch running through the woods.

"Hey! Check out some of the stuff she tossed at us," Jake said as he started to rummage through the tossed items.

"A helmet of the Candy Kingdom guard, a branch, a glass ball, some ugly looking rag doll, a witch hat...," Jake listed the items off.

"Wait... let me look at the doll," Finn asked. Jake picked it up and tossed it to him. The doll looked like a majorly deformed teddy bear. It's purple fabric was dirty, it had coloured patches on it, one button eye and stitches in different parts of it.

"Hang on... this doll looks familiar...," Finn said trying to remember where he had seen this doll before. He looked back into his memories of past adventures, trying to pinpoint the moment he saw this doll. His eyes then suddenly enlarged when he remembered.

"Holy Glob! Jake! This is Hambo! Marceline's teddy bear!" Finn announced to him.

"That's a teddy bear?" Jake raised an eyebrow pointing at the doll. Finn hastily put the doll into his bag and zipped it up.

"Come on let's head on over to Marceline's place and give it to her," Finn said as he began to walk off.

"What? But Finn! Couldn't we go back first to our place? I'd rather not go to her place...," Jake muttered.

"Fine you can head back, but I want to give the bear to her as soon as," Finn said as he was about to go off again.

"BUT FINN! I'm... scared of the dark! What if more of those wolves bite me when I least suspect it! I'll go rabid! I'll forget to play the Viola!" Jake whined as he fell to his knees in a begging way. Finn looked upon his brother and sighed.

"Okay fine we'll go home... I guess I could give it to her tomorrow...," Finn said dejectedly.

"Hey hey! Now your talking!" Jake said getting on all fours for Finn to ho on him. Jake grew in side and ran to get back home.

"Woah! What's the rush?" Finn exclaimed as he grabbed a hold of Jake's fur.

"No rush," Jake said suspiciously.

"Hang on... What's...," Finn began.

"Oh look we're here!" Jake said as he shrunk back to his normal size at the base of their tree house. Jake then hastily pushed Finn's back for him to climb up the stairs to the tree house and through the living room door.

"Jake what has gotten into you?" Finn questioned as he was shoved through the door.


Everyone was in the tree house, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, Lady Rainicorn, everyone. Finn grew a massive smile as everyone cheered for the new fifteen year old.

"Happy birthday Finn!" Jake said to him.

"Aww Jake this is great!" Finn said hugging him. Marceline floated up into the air holding her Axe bass.

"All right! Let's get this party started!" she announced and began strumming down on her Bass. People cheered and began to dance to the music that was played. The party looked to be an all nighter, especially since Marceline didn't look like going home any time soon. Finn stood at the sides with a drink in his hand. Jake was talking to his girlfriend Lady Rainicorn, Princess Bubblegum was talking to Lumpy Space Princess, everyone was either dancing to talking. But Finn then wondered where was...

"Enjoying the party?" Marceline suddenly appeared floating down in front of him. Finn jumped back with a scream, but his scream broke along with his voice a little more. Marceline broke into a laughter.

"Hey, thanks for the party and the music," Finn thanked.

"Don't mention it. I was surprised that Jake was brave enough to even come to my cave," Marceline grinned looking towards Jake. Jake looked over to see Marceline giving him a scary look that sent shivers down his spine. Marceline then stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. Jake then hastily took himself and Lady Rainicorn to a different location out of view from Marceline. Finn chuckled in laughter.

"Anyway, I got you something, wait right here," Marceline said and flew off into the crowd. Finn waited patiently for Marceline to return. When she did she was holding a blue and black jumper.

"I thought this would come in handy if you even had to go to the Ice Kingdom again. Not that I need it...being cold blooded," Marceline said as she floated on the spot with her arms crossed.

"Hey this is great Marceline thanks!" Finn said happily and put it on.

"You... you don't need to put it on now," Marceline said with a light blush.

"I want to. Oh! I got you something too!" Finn said dropping his backpack and opening it up.

"Me something? Finn on your birthday you don't give gifts to other...," Marceline stopped the second she laid eyes on Hambo.

"I found him today. A witch tossed him at me when she was begging for her life. I remembered him when we went into your memories," Finn said handing Hambo over to her. She took him gently into her hands, staring down at her most cherished possession she lost so many years ago.

"H...H...Hambo?" Marceline spoke. Her voice quivered and her eyes began to shed tears as she crushed it against her body in a death hug.

"Thank you...thank you thank you!" Marceline said repeatedly as tears flowed down her face, so happy to have her Hambo in her arms again. Finn looked over to Jake and gave a thumbs up. Marceline looked down to Finn and leant forward to kiss his cheek.

"Anyway I'm gl...," Finn said as he turned back to say something but was immediately shushed when Marceline's lips crashed into his. Both of them froze and their eyes opened wide at the surprised. Marceline immediately pulled away, moving one hand to her mouth. Finn couldn't believe it. He got a kiss from the vampire queen. On the Lips!

"Finn I...I'm sorry! I didn't mean...," Marceline stammered on her words, keeping her right hand on her lips and her left arm hugging Hambo tightly to her.

"I...erm...I...," Finn grew a shade of red on his cheeks and looking at Marceline she was the same.

"I gotta go!" she suddenly announced and in a hurry she flew and grabbed her Axe Bass and flew out the window.

"Wait Marceline!" Finn called, but it was too late. She was gone.
My first ever adventure time fanfic. FinnxMarceline, no like, no read.

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princessmagicalgirl Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016
This was so romantic finding ham no
qpt32 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
i swear, ur the cuase of my sleepless nights XD great start so far~
Hikaru-Hitachiin Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
Oh my glob that was sooo cute!! Great idea with Finn finding her precious teddy bear :D seriously great job though!!
Dreamer-Of-Creation Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
i :iconiloveitplz: this
angelthekid Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011  Student Writer
DUDE YOU ARE SERIOUSLY AWESOME!! LOL this was good i would never believe you would actually watch this show XD but i like this story so...
scigeek123 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
well i have to say its good. btw dont worry, sometimes it takes a while to be noticed.
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