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The White Rose In Red Snow: Chapter 2
“This world was mine. My creations walked the world, it was their home. Then... you humans invaded my world.”
The ride in the aircraft was deadly silent. After Ruby got the letter one of her friends saying that Jake was dead, Yang took charge of the situation to try and comfort their leader. Her attempts were futile, only succeeding in making Ruby cry quietly compared to her loud bellows. After her attempts she took team RWBY to Professor Ozpin's office to explain the situation. Ozpin agreed for team RWBY to have leave, allowing them to take an immediate flight to Signal. Weiss found it odd that they were allowed to go immediately. Though she knew Ozpin would let Ruby take leave to see her friends but she would have thought that he would wait until the weekend before letting her go. It brought up some warning bells in Weiss mind, making her think there was more to it. A hidden motive. But she didn't want to think too much on it. She let out a sigh as she looked up from her
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Anger with Vincent Valentine and Korra by The3Ryans Anger with Vincent Valentine and Korra :iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 0 2 Me and Ruby Rose Cosplayer by The3Ryans Me and Ruby Rose Cosplayer :iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 2 0
The White Rose In The Red Snow: Chapter 1
-"When the Human Race came to be, the Grimm fought them for dominance. When the Faunus came the humans also fought for dominance. So tell me... how are we so different?"-
Ruby Rose walked down the streets of Vale with a piece of paper in her hand. She had decided to go find a present for Weiss as it was her birthday coming up very soon. Not that Weiss told Ruby when her birthday was, she never told anyone. Ruby wondered why Weiss kept it to herself, but would love to see the surprised look on her face when she gave Weiss her present. The was one problem... she didn't know what to get the ice princess. Before she left Beacon she researched all the antique and upper class shops in the hopes to find something there that Weiss may like. Once she wrote them all down on a piece o
:iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 9 1
Motivational: Bumblebee by The3Ryans Motivational: Bumblebee :iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 171 32
Forgive and Ribbet: Chapter 4: Saved Again
Chapter 4: Saved again
"You again?" Both Soul and Eruka yelled as they pointed at each other.
"What the hell are you doing here?" Eruka shouted.
"I live here! What the hell are you doing here?" Soul shouted back, both looked down to see they were still pointing at each other. Lowering their arms in realisation they stand.
"I was…erm…going to let you guys know about something", Eruka said, holding her hands in front of her and looking down.
"Know what?" Soul asked, still cautious over her.
"I was going to do it anonymous, a way where you wouldn't know it was me. I just couldn't ignore the fact you let me live…Ribbet", Eruka held her mouth, slowly lowering it afterwards. Soul crossed his arms eyeing Eruka curiously.
"You let me… live, I didn't want to seem ungrateful", Eruka finished looking up to Soul.
"You've risked a lot coming here. People see you for a second they will kill you on the spot, so whatever your about to say better be important", Soul pointed out.
:iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 2 1
The Sight Chapter 2 ((OWN WORK OF FICTION!))
Kael stood there as he looked around his quarters. It was a big round room with a black and white chequered marble floor. If there was enough people you could have easily played a chess game by playing the pieces. The walls that spread around the room were black with a glazed shine to it, merging with the black tiled marble on the floor. The ceiling however was like the top of a cave, the rocks were jagged and spikes were even coming out of them. To add to the danger of having stone spikes coming from the ceiling was how high up it was. The top of the ceiling was so vast that anyone would be killed if they fell down. Although the room was circular there were sections that resembled the corners, a big silver circular table was placed in the middle. The Kitchen to his left was one of the corners. The black wooden oak draws and cupboards were against the wall with an oven in the centre. At the ends of the draws and cupboards was a washing machine to the left and a dishwasher to the right.
:iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 3 2
The Sight Chapter 1 ((OWN WORK OF FICTION!))
Today was the day that Annie Chapman died. The streets of London were completely covered in fog that night. The moons light struggled to break though the thick smoke. It was near impossible to see the starry sky in this part of London. Annie Chapman did  as she stood beside a lamp post. It's candle light struggling to even light the small circle around the lamp post. Annie let out a hackling cough, covering her mouth in curtsey, despite no one being around to see such. There was more in the fog that just the weather. She could tell not far from here there was an Opium den, where it's fumes were escaping the area the smokers were in. Annie rubbed her bloodshot tired eyes as the soot in the air landed onto her eyes as they had done all night.
Annie sighed and leant against the lamp post. The woman in her forties had much on her mind. She was to pick up her customers. With the money she'd be paid it would have gone straight to her children at home. The thought of her children brought
:iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 2 4
Still walking character sheet Alex Reinheart by The3Ryans Still walking character sheet Alex Reinheart :iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 1 0
The World Breaker? Chapter 2
"...My...your quite the... joker aren't you Michael," Koizumi began to chuckle lightly. I looked over to him. What the hell was he laughing about. He knows everything! You can't play it out that he's insane.
"So I do have to show you proof then," Michael sighed then looked at the table in the middle of the room. Suddenly without warning the table exploded into a million pieces. The small shards of splinters however froze in the air. I let out a gasp as I watched the splinters floating in the middle of the air. This was something that I would see from a action movie, something like the Matrix or Inception, but no, this was happening in front of me right now. Then in sudden rapid movements the table literally pulled itself back together again. We took a moment to stare at the table, it was like nothing ever happened to it. This was when I began to feel scared of this guy. Without a doubt this guy was the real deal.
"So, you will help me get Haruhi's powers or I will start killing," Micha
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The World Breaker? Chapter one
Once again it was another day of absolute humiliation. We were taken out of class by none other than Haruhi Suzumiya, or should I say dragged. That's right, as typical as she was she grabbed me by the tie in the middle of lesson and dragged me out of the classroom. Taking me to the other classrooms to drag out Koizumi and Miss Asahina too. I'm so sorry Miss Asahina. We where all taken to the SOS club room. There as always was none other than Yuki Nagato, sitting on a chair in the middle of one of her books.
"All right! Everyone sit down! We've got a new mission!" Haruhi proclaimed with that happy and yet so sinister smile on her face. One that we have all grown to fear greatly.
"Oh that reminds me. Mikuru get changed into your maid outfit!" Haruhi then switched and tackled the poor girl to the ground in the process of almost clawing her clothes off. Much to my discomfort and distaste for Haruhi treating Miss Asahina like that and hearing her screams of protest, I sighed and both me and
:iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 0 1
Forgive and Ribbet Chapter 3: Lies and Gas
Chapter 3: Lies and Gas
"I got a call in the middle of the night from Patty, saying that Kid was taken to the DWMA over a pain in his arm and coughing up blood. Maka was around her dad's that night and I phoned her on her mobile as I made my way to the Academy to check up on Kid", Soul continued to explain to the interrogator.
"Who else was there?" the interrogator asked.
"Liz and Patty were right by his side when I got there, he was unconscious. Stein then came and told us to get out while he checked on him. While we waited outside Black*Star and Tsubaki came and waited with us. Soon Stein opened the door and we asked him…"
"How is he?" Soul asked Stein as he opened the door.
"He's fine and awake, you can quickly see him", Stein said opening the door wider for the others to run in.
"Kid!" Liz and Patty said charging towards Kid on the medical bed and landing on their knees beside him, holding his arm.
"Hello girls, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Soul, where's Maka?" Kid asked. He
:iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 3 3
Forgive and Ribbet Chapter 2: Happy Birthday!
Chapter 2: Happy Birthday
The door opened and the figure stood in the doorway again, bright light almost blinding Soul again. The door is then shut and footsteps are heard heading towards Soul. Soon the interrogator was back in front of him. He held an empty glass and a jug of water. The interrogator slowly filled the glass with water and placed the jug on the chair. The interrogator grabbed Soul's hair and pulled his head back. He then placed the glass against his mouth and slowly tipped the water into Soul's mouth, which he began to drink until the glass was empty. The interrogator removed the glass.
"Now will you continue?" he then spoke in his scary dark voice.
"I don't know…I'm still a bit thirsty, throat's a little dry", Soul then said. At first the interrogator said nothing, then suddenly sent for the empty glass towards Soul's mouth at top speed, shattering the glass into pieces. Soul screamed in pain as a tooth was punched out of his mouth. The interrogator then grabbed t
:iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 3 5
Forgive and Ribbet Chapter 1 A Year Later
Chapter 1: A year later
Everything was blurry at first when Soul began to wake up. A bright light shun in his face. His head felt like it was smashed against the wall a few times, or had too many Maka Chops from an encyclopaedia. Soul looked down, away from the light then seeing his body and legs. He was sitting on a chair in what looked like a pitch-black room. Only he was light up from a nearby lamp. Soul tried to rub his eyes but soon found them tied up behind him. Soul shook his head and started to panic, tugging on the chains that bound him. Shaking violently and kicking out, trying to free himself. But it was to no avail.
"Hey! What's going on! Where is she! What have you done to her! Come out you cowards!" Soul roared. Suddenly a door swung open to the right of him. A bright light came from the door, almost blinded Soul. Then a figure stood in the doorway. Soul's sights were too blurry to make out who the figure was, only that it belonged to a human. The figure stepped in and sh
:iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 5 8
Forgive and Ribbet: Prologue
Everyone was happy and drunk at a pub in Death City. The rowdy drunks lightened up the entire place with their happy moods. The pub had a nice warm feeling in it, like everyone was here to have a good time. However there was a hooded woman in the corner of the room who was distancing herself from it. She took a sip from her glass eyeing her surroundings. Suddenly a tall man armoured in thick dark blue armour and a long black cape sat down opposite her. His long blue hair cascaded down to his lower back.
"Are you the one looking for someone to do a job?" he muttered to her, blue eyes locked onto the woman opposite him.
"Depends if you like to get your hands dirty?" she replied deviously with a grin. The man then drew a long big wide sword from behind him and balanced it on the floor. Resting his hand on hilt.
"So you are Elixar Ravenwood, great hunter of all creatures", she asked in a flirtatious manner.
"Let's just cut to the chase, who's the target?" Elixar quickly asked. The
:iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 2 1
OC: Drakonas the Dragon Warlock by The3Ryans OC: Drakonas the Dragon Warlock :iconthe3ryans:The3Ryans 1 2


Old times 35... by Tikoriko Old times 35... :icontikoriko:Tikoriko 122 13 You had one job ruby by pockynuko12000
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Well... it's been a hella long time. So let me give an update on what's been going on with me. Me and my mate are youtubing, making gaming videos of either Minecraft Adventure maps or some indie games.

I still write... but not really a lot of fanfiction anymore, despite my attempt to try and get back into. Instead I'm focusing all my writing on my original fantasy story. My last original work has been put on hiatus due to me realizing that by starting Chapter six I had no idea how to proceed the story to where I want it to go, my lore and rules for the whole angel and demon thing I had got so convoluted that even I couldn't make any sense of it, characters went everywhere, ect ect. It became a huge mess so until I figure it all our instead of planning multiple books when I can't figure out one, it's been put on hold. So what have I been working on? This fantasy story idea I've had since I was a young boy that just finished watching the greatest movie ever created (LOTR), with characters that I have developed through roleplaying over the years. But instead of going straight into the first trilogy I've planned set in this fantasy world (trilogy? Way to not plan multiple books -.-), I'm working on short stories that serve as background stories to characters that'll appear in the big picture.

I have never worked as hard as I've ever worked in writing as I have these short stories. I've got a book that I take everywhere with me where if I've the free time I jot down notes,lore,characters for later. I'm literally creating a world for my characters to live in. Actually at this point they no longer characters to me, they've grown so much to me that I almost see them as real people in my mind. Maybe that's a good thing too, maybe they'll be seen more believable instead of being a bundle of character tropes thrown into a body. Once I've finished the short stories I plan to put them together and find a way to publish them into one book. I have no idea how to do it and am scared that the stories will be rejected, but as one man said:

"Can you match my resolve? If so then you will succeed. I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams is something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death."

This quote cames from Monty Oum. He died this year on 1st Feburary 2015. He was the one that created awesome animations such as 'Dead Fantasy' and 'Haliod' in fighting sequence that are so epic that they're better than some hollywood movies put together. Two years ago he created the web series known as 'RWBY'. Although he has died, RWBY still continues on with it's third series. He and his quote should be the biggest inspirations to all kinds of creators. You can succeed, you can achieve all your goals.

So that's why I will not stop trying my hardest to improve my writing (which looking at all may old work on DeviantArt, it has by a longshot) and to get a piece of work published.

As Monty use to say: "Keep Moving Forward"
  • Listening to: RWBY soundtrack
  • Reading: White Rose fanfics
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD/Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
  • Eating: Apples and Cherry Bakewells
  • Drinking: Coca-cola/Vimto/Ice Cold Water


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Ryan Sheppard
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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Ryan Sheppard aged 22 here or better known as The3Ryans, Creator of many unfinished lame stories, my most successful one though is Lord Death the Kid (Soul eater fic and KidxMaka pairing FTW). I make up stories and love awsome pictures. If I like it I'll favourite it :).

I spend more time now however on youtube and now planning, filming and editing anime reviews or Let's plays.

Hope you like my stories I'll share with you lot.

Favourite genre of music: Rock! and mixture
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Death the Kid


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